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  • CPhI 2015

    STEARINERIE DUBOIS will attend the next CPhI 2015

    Expo : CPhI
    Event Place : Madrid, SPAIN
    Date : From 13 To 15, Oct, 2015
    Stand : 7D20
    Web Site : click here

  • CPhI India 2015

    Stearinerie Dubois will attend the next CPhI in Mumbai

    Expo : CPhI INDIA 2015
    Event Place : Mumbai, INDIA
    Date : From 01 To 03, Dec, 2015
    Stand : E8
    Web Site : click here

  • CPhI 2016

    Stearinerie Dubois is attending the CPhI

    Expo : CPhI
    Event Place : Barcelona, SPAIN
    Date : From 04 To 06, Oct, 2016
    Web Site : click here

Stearinerie dubois : fatty ester manufacturer, supply a large range of lipophilic products used in different activity :

Cosmetic, as emollient, emulsifier, shiny, shinning texturizing, polyfunctional esters, in cream, make-up, suncare, face and body, perfume, soap, whitening, anti-ageing

Heath, pharmacy, veterinary, animal health, nutraceutic, as excipient in tablet, hard fat, suppository base, capsule, dermal, gel, balm, injectable

Food, agroalimentary, as release agent, coating, glazing, polishing, gumming, technology agent,sugar ester, MCT, triglycerides, technology auxiliary, fatty oil, food additives E471, E473, E476, E477 for panned confectionary, hard boiled candy, toffee fudge, liquorice, aroma, chocolate - coated centers; sugar coated centers, panned confectionery, tablets, wine gums - jellis - extruded, hard sugar, candies, toffees, bread, pastry, brioches, biscuits, sponge lady, fingers, sponge cakes

Fonctional speciality as actives solubilizer, intermediate, perfume & fragrance, feed, sucrosesters

Industrial as lubricant, plasticizer, rubber solvent, polymers, plastic, treatment, paint, ink varnish, textile, candle, building, automotive, car, polish

It is also a know-how for tailor-made, peletilizing, esterification, refined oil (deodorisation, discoloration, neutralisation)